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Some Little Latin Lesson Worksheets

Fun worksheets help learners build their skill and love of the Latin language.

We study Latin in our homeschool and it has brought us a greater appreciation of the Bible, the Holy Mass, and the writings of many of the saints.  One of the biggest problems, however, is finding fun colourful resources to reinforce basic Latin concepts and lessons and oh yes, have them also be free of charge.  So we are so grateful that Michelle over at  Thinking Love, No Twaddle has made a beginning set for us.

This set includes four pages and goes with lessons 1-12 of the book Getting Started With Latin, Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age by William Linney.  The pages are bright and fun and is an easy reinforcement to the basics of the book. 

If you have never explored this resource, it may be worth a look for you and your learner as it truly is a unique approach to learning Latin. I was just perusing a very nice preview of this book from his website. You can take a look at it here for yourself.  Unlike many other programs (of which we have tried), this book covers only one new thing per lesson.  No struggling with word endings while trying to learn new vocab and sentence structure.  And best of all the author provides a wealth of free audible resources from his website including pronunciation files, Latin expressions, topical lectures and more.   This is worth a peek if you are looking for something broken down a in a bit of a more Classical Learning style.  These worksheets are a great complement to this program or they can be used with any other program for review.

I hope you find these sheets useful and thank Michelle for her wonderful efforts, as always! :)

Click Here to download this Latin worksheet set now.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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