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New Resources Featuring St.Joseph

March is the Month Dedicated to St. Joseph.  Let our resources help bring him to life in your child's eyes.

March is a very busy month this year.  Ash Wednesday is coming up, Lent will begin, St. Patrick's Day is coming, Stations of the Cross devotions will begin in many parishes as well as the Feast of the Annunciation will take place at the end of the month.  Mother church knows that we could become overwhelmed and so she helps us stay on track by having the month of March dedicated to St. Joseph.  By this act, the church tells us that St. Joseph was an important part of our Lord's life and should not be forgotten but rather included in the richness of our faith.  We should take this month to focus on this saint and the wonderful virtues that he demonstrates including - trust, obedience, dedication, and patience.

To help homeschooling families and educators honour St. Joseph, we have created some new resources including a full set of twelve notebooking sheets for learners of all ages and skill levels, a new Saint Biography Learning Card and more.  Plus, you can now find all of our printable resources for this wonderful saint in one spot - including our popular printable saint trading cards -There will be more saint pages like this to follow. 

We are still working behind the scenes revamping the website with features like this to make your visit more enjoyable and efficient.  To find out about more updates to our site join us on Facebook or Twitter as we won't be able to note every new addition on the blog.  We are still finding our way around them, but we'll get the hang of it, we

Click HERE to go to our new saint page for St. Joseph and see all of our resources to help children learn about him.


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