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New Little Lesson on Facial Reconstruction...and Sebastian Bach?

Now for something completely new and invigorating to the brain. . .

Did you look twice at the title of this little lesson?  I did But we are talking science and art not vanity here. And yes, even Bach was a party to this as early scientists were called in to see if the poorly marked grave site was that of the world famous composer. It is such a neat lesson - perfect for your science loving learner. 

This little lesson was contributed by Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle, who comes up with some of the most coolio little lessons for our children.  I am so blessed to have in our lives because she comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Since she has more children than I do and all of varying ages from very young to adult, she creates lessons out of necessity, but her needs are different - although we usually benefit from them in our little homeschool. :)

Today she offers a lesson that seems right off of the History channel on how forensic science has been able to reconstruct faces and features from a skull.  Facial reconstruction is part of the forensic art skills that also includes drawing and constructing faces from witness statements. Starting from the 1860s, techniques for study of the human facial form began and developed into an art form - well, almost.  As I was reading through this lesson, I especially got an out loud chuckle at Dr. Welcker's invention.  It's worth a read if you wear

This lesson comes complete with text, solid illustrations, F3 style learning cards, and a chance to practice your art and drawing skills with the human form.  Great for your tween learner and up.  Such a great way to stimulate learning.

That's the beauty of homeschooling, you can choose to teach to your children's interests even if it's forensic art skills.  Remember there is an occupation out there for everyone - every job needs to be done by someone.  From the parish priest to steel detailers, graphic artists to morticians, mums to dog walkers, there is a job suited to each and every one of us. 

Click Here to download this new Little Lesson on Science.

I hope that our resources help you in the education of your children in some small way.


Kalei - That Resource Team Mama

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