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New Faith Themed Alphabet Letter Copywork in Print and Cursive

New copywork sets help children practice their letter formation as well as learn about their Faith.

A few months ago, a homeschooling mum dropped us some nice words and a kind suggestion of creating individual alphabet letter copywork with images related to the Faith.  So it took a bit of time, but we have finally completed them and they match our Alphabet Letter poster set we shared yesterday.  The images from the posters exactly match the copywork sheets. They are in colour, but those who are conscious of ink usage could easily print them out in grayscale.

Sheets are very useful to teach print or cursive handwriting techniques while providing colourful images designed to speak to their hearts.  Images are sure to be great conversation starters for older learners working on learning cursive writing. 

If you have multiple children, you may want to laminate the sheets to be able to have younger children use them over and over again with a fine tipped wipe-off pen.  You could also laminate them back to back in alphabetical order and bind on the left to create a book.  Once laminated, they could also be easily kept in a 3 ringed binder.

We hope you find these sets very useful.

Click Here to download the set of print copywork.
Click Here to download the set of cursive copywork.


Kalei - That Resource Team 

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