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Our Learning Cards are Growing - New Phonics Cards Sets Are Ready

 New Animal Families learning cards help to teach phonics and reading.

As we eluded to last week, we are currently expanding our Animal Word Families resources to include more families and additional subjects such as spelling, faith study, writing and science.  Today we uploaded the main collection of phonics cards we will be using in this little learning adventure.  Find printable learning flashcards that list words by many popular phonogram families.  Each word family has been assigned an animal that somehow matches to a word in the word list.  The matching word has an asterisk as a clue for learners.  This little feature will be used to start discussions about the animal highlighted.

Feel free to use these independent of the coming lessons.  They are great for reading review and phonetic reference, not to mention, they are really fun and cute.  To use these cards, simply print out, cut apart on the lines, fold in half and glue.  Laminate for longevity and durability.  Here are a few more sample cards.

See all seventeen sets of these resources on their new page HERE.

Look for more resources to come shortly.  :)


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