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New A-Z Letter Poster Set Featuring the Faith

New sheets to decorate your learning area, classroom or use as learning prompts.

Some of our visitours have asked us to consider creating alphabet posters for learning areas, school classrooms or CCD classrooms.  We have finally finished this resource set and hope that many Catholic families find it very useful. 

Rather than just the standard "A is for apple, B is for boy" set, we thought we might illustrate things that are meaningful to us - Jesus, the Bible, the Eucharist, the Trinity.  .  .  and so forth.  So today we offer this wonderful 26 page set of A-Z learning posters complete with almost all real photographs that my friend Lil or I took from our parish here on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.  There are a few images from public domain as a few of the letters were 

Here are some sample letters from the set.

I hope you love this set and I will be working on some matching alphabet letter writing practice sheets to accompany them shortly.  Please keep us in your prayers as the devil has been hard at work on us as of late.

If you like this resource and can think of someone who would love to use it, by all means please share our blog and website with them.  Many people can't believe that everything we offer is free, but truly, all of it is.  We have gotten some inspiring notes this week and it is a true testimony to why we should keep doing what we do.  Thanks, Candy and Daisy!!

Click Here to download this new A-Z poster set featuring the Faith. 
(This is a little larger than normal file so please be patient.)

Kalei - That Resource Team


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these. For some reason I am not able to access the files for download though. I get a "forbidden" error. Why is this?

Thatresourcesite said...

Where are you located? We've had problems with visitors from outside of USA and Canada in the past.

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