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All Saints Day Resource Run Down

Still looking for resources to help celebrate the fast approaching All Saints' Day (a.k.a. the Solemnity of All Saints and also called All Hallows or Hallowmas?) Let us offer some freebie help and inspiration for fun and learning.

Our Resources for All Saints Day:
Saint Biography Cards (Printable Saint Biography Cards that kiddos can fill in and use for references and game play in the future.)

Printable Saint Trading Cards (Printable Saint Trading Cards feature some of our favorite saints of all time.)

Saint Mini-Books (Saint Mini Books. Encourage learners to put their thoughts and creativity to work creating these mini-books that they either illustrate, write or write and illustrate. Each book has eight pages including a title and end page. Print out, fill in, cut apart and staple together. Glue onto our keepsake pages to create a library of your child's work or document their learning.)

My Adventure with the Saints Project (A project to help children develop good character and morals by learning about and studying the lives of the Holy Saints)

Saint Mini-Book Project: All About the Saints (A great learning project for lovers of mini-books and creative learning which focuses on eighteen individual saints.)

Saint Notebooking Pages (Notebooking sets in four different line spacing options with both a picture or a blank space for a drawing. Pages can be used for learners of all ages.)

Games that Feature Different Saints:

Syllable Symphony of Saints (Bingo style game that merges the names of saints and phonics fun.)

Catholic Bingo (Bingo game that requires very little reading but offers lots of fun featuring pictures of different saints along with other basics of the Catholic Faith.)

I know that I have probably missed a few things, but this should give you a start at any rate. :)



marnie said...

Help! I want to print these but they are so small. Can I enlarge them?

Kalei said...

Hi Marnie,
Which one(s) were you having trouble with?

When you click the "Download Now" icon, is the pdf file opening in your Browser?

silviadelvalle5 said...


Thank you for participating in the feast of all Saints links.

The idea is very nice and very funny

Thanks for sharing

God bless you

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