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Celebrate the Feast of St. Luke with Fun and Games

This week we celebrate St. Luke, the Evangelist and author of one of the Gospels.  He is the patron saint of doctors, physicians and surgeons.  If you want to incorporate St. Luke into your learning week, here are a couple of free fun printable resources for you to use from our collection:

Research and writing fun.

Complete a mini-book on St. Luke which is 8 simple pages allowing children to write or draw the answers to the biographical writing prompts.  Use info from books or prayer cards you have at home or find info quickly on the Internet as well.   If you prefer a notebooking type sheet, you may find our saint biography notebooking sheet helpful.  This sheet can be used with any saint and for various ages as well.

Enjoy MORE symphony fun!
If you enjoyed last week's Syllable Symphony of Fall printable bingo style game to learn about words associated with fall and how to count syllable sounds, then you will love the Syllable Symphony of Saints Game that includes St. Luke in a host of other saints.  This game is fun and easy to play and features saints with names from one to five syllables.

Use Dr. Virtue's medical themed literary discussion cards. 

Part of our Virtue Lesson resources, these little cards help children to explore characters, the plot and other literary elements, morality and virtuous behaviour in any book they choose to read.  Use this in a virtue lesson, reading club or family read-aloud time.  They are fun and simple to use.  Simply print out sheets and cut apart on the lines.  Get what the Doctor ordered from Dr. Virtue's Literary Check-up Discussion Cards in US English or Get Dr. Virtue's Literary Check-up Discussion Cards in UK English.

Phonics fun is helpful and healthy for readers. 

Help young and new readers improve their phonics skills with this game that builds their knowledge and familiarity with consonant blends. We have observed first hand with our own children, the power of scheduled play to create and develop confident and happy readers.

In this game we ask players to help our doctors treat patients by packing their first aide kits for them. Match the content words to the proper Dr. Blend. Practice the S, L, R, and Final blends. 1-4 players, co-operative or competitive play versions available.  Download our Dr. Blends First Aid Kits phonics game now.

We hope that you find these resources a helpful and fun addition to your learning week.


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