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Can the Holy Souls Help Teach Your Children Math? YES!!

Many have already begun praying the Novena for the Holy Souls this week.  November 2nd is All Souls Day and kicks off the month that Holy Mother Church dedicates to the Church Suffering or Church Expectant comprised of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

As part of the communion of saints, we are implored to remember and pray for these Holy Souls who suffer to perfection in purgatory as they await the beatific vision of our Lord in heaven.  With our prayers for them, we can help them to become part of the Church Triumphant more quickly.  For this task, they are grateful and will intercede for us out of love and thanksgiving.

So, how can they help teach our children math?  Easy.  Take on our Holy Souls Prayer Project for the month of November (although you can do this any and every month, if desired) and pray for the Holy Souls daily. 

It is said that each time the prayer for the Holy Souls is earnestly prayed, 1,000 souls will be released from purgatory to join God in heaven.  This project asks children to keep track of how many souls they and their family members have helped throughout the month by using multiples of 1,000. 

Our project pack includes the Prayer for the Holy Souls, a cute charting sheet, and prayer pieces.  It is my favourite prayer project of the year and I hope that you will join me and my family as we dedicate our prayer life to the Holy Souls in November.

Learn more and download our Holy Souls Prayer Project in one complete file now.


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Anonymous said...

Love this! Thank you!! This is one of my most favorite prayers and now you have made it accessible for my kids! Thanks a million!


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