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Fall Harvest Graphing Fun

Everyone learns math in their own unique way and timing. 

Some of us learn by doing, others by observing, still others by listening, reading and so on. Graphing is a cool way to present information in a visual way. From newspapers to cookbooks, magazines to mail flyers, graphs are everywhere. 

There are many different types of graphs - bar graphs, line graphs, pictographs, area graphs, pie graphs and XY coordinate graphs. Graphing is not only fun but very important for children because it gives them a chance to learn that one thing can represent another. Why is this so important? Simple, in order to create adults who can stand strong in their faith and be independent thinkers for God's glory, they must first start out as children creating and honing these skills of interpreting information. Graphing helps us to be able to assimilate data to make logical conclusions. Plus, using graphs can be fun.

Here are two graphing games that focus on fall harvests.  They are variations to accommodate wee learners as well as elementary aged learners who are learning or practicing using a bar graph.


Happy Harvest Graphing Math Game  Wee +

Use simple graphing of fall produce game pieces to teach children how to use a bar graph. Simply print out sheets, cut apart and you are ready to go. Each game requires ten turns to complete play. Graph rows include ten spaces each. Three items are used: an ear of corn, a crow and a pumpkin. Print out one game set per player.  Instructions are included in the game. Matthew 9:13 is highlighted in this game.

Use simple graphing of autumn themed playing pieces to teach children to use a bar graph. Simply print out sheets, cut apart and you are ready to go. Five items are used including a crow, a pumpkin, carrots, an ear of corn and an apple.  Thirty turns are required to complete a game. Print out one game set per player.   Instructions are included in the game.  Matthew 9:13 is highlighted in this game as well as an introduction to St. Isidore, the Farmer.

Blessings for a bountiful harvest in your learning this fall!


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