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Now You Can Celebrate the Saints All Week, Month or Even Year Long. . .

Help children develop good character and morals by learning about and studying the lives of the Holy Saints.

Learning about the saints is an excellent way to learn about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The resources below can help to enrich your child's understanding of these people who have encountered our Lord in many different ways. In a day and age when singers, stars, and sports people are considered role models by many youth, the study of our Catholic heroes is more important than ever.   

My Adventure with the Saints project is a fun way to get to know some new saints and review the lives of some already familiar ones. By using the letters of the alphabet as a guide, learners must choose at least one saint for each letter of the alphabet and describe their life. The description should contain the following information:

-When they lived (birth and death if known)
-Where they are noted from
-Symbol that would identify them in a work of art, statue or icon
-Patron saint info
-A portrait of the saint and their symbol(s) - either drawn or pasted in from other sources.

A progress sheet is also included to help children keep track of the tasks they have completed and goals that need to be met to complete the project.  To make it easier to get started, over sized alphabet letters are included in the project so that learners can cut them out and creatively incorporate them into the corresponding page.

Learners will also be asked to complete the 5Ws (and 1 H ) of Sainthood:
Who can become a Saint?
What does it take to become a saint?
When can one be declared a saint?
Where do saints fit in to the Communion of Saints?
Why would one want to become a saint?
How can you become more saint like?

This is a great project that can be used over the course of the year, a month, or however else you may choose to use it. This project could also be undertaken and split among siblings or students in a CCD Religious Education Class.

Find out more or download My Adventure with the Saints Project now.

Here are some samples that my then third grader did years ago.  She had loads of fun being creative while practicing her art and drawing skills, writing skills and developing research skills as well.




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