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Learn About the Chasuble and Liturgical Colors of the Church Worksheet Set

Learn about the liturgical colors, what they mean and the chasuble as well.

This five-page set of worksheets explains about the symbolism of the liturgical colors of green, purple, red, white, and rose (pink) and when they are used in the church year. A picture is provided for children to color and the text changes on each page. Finished work can be displayed showing the entire year on a bulletin board, wall or 3-ring binder.

Although the style, shape and artistic designs of the chasuble have changed over the past few hundred years, it is still recognized as the appropriate outer garment that the priest wears to celebrate the Holy Mass.

  • Age: Elem+
  • Focus: Litugical colors of the church
  • Theme: Chasuble, vestments, liturgical colors used in the church
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