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Just completed: Our Little Timeline of the Old Testament

Start learning history from the very beginning

When do you teach that history begins in your homeschool or CCD class?  In our little homeschool, we teach that history begins at the very beginning of time.  The start of everything begins with God's creative glory; God created everything out of nothing.  To help teach this awesome concept to our children, we use the Old Testament, of course.

We have had such great response to our Life of Christ Timeline both from our own children as well as online visitors that we decided to do a new timeline to go with the history of the Old Testament of the Bible. 

Our new timeline goes with the first half of the book, Child's Bible History by Rev. F.J. Knecht and covers some of the earliest historical occurrences.  You will find that the author focuses on 28 historical stories from the Bible, most of which are contained in the first few books of the Bible.  This read is suitable for grades 3-5 and so many of the events and topics are suited specifically for them. We have created our timeline to accompany this work although it can very easily be used independently of it.
Child's Bible History
This resource includes the timeline lines, the pieces for the timeline and a references sheet.  A unique feature of this timeline is that we have included the scripture references for each of the events highlighted.  Younger students may simply just put the timeline up and add the pieces in order.  Older learners may want to look up the passages for discussion.  Some events require a bit of reading - say a chapter or so, while other passages are quite short.

To use this resource simply download and print out the sheets.  (We recommend using heavier bond paper for the lines and regular paper for the actual pieces.)  As you read and discuss the individual stories from the Knecht book or the scripture suggestions on the timeline pieces, affix the timeline piece to the purple lines.  In general, there will be three pieces per line and 28 in total.  Feel free to modify as needed.  Perhaps you want to join the lines to make them six pieces wide or simply glue just the pieces into a history notebook - that is just fine too.  Flexibility is one of the most beautiful things about homeschooling.

Our smaller timelines are not overwhelming and are perfect for those of us who are short on space, live in an apartment or simply want to focus on one theme at a time.  Thinking about where you may want to put this timeline?  You may want to affix your timeline to any of a number of areas in your home:

A kitchen wall - great conversation spark for supper or tea time
The wall in your homeschooling area - great reference tool
Your child's bedroom wall or door - decorate with your faith
The inside of the bathroom door - for your captive audience
A large piece of poster board - for a more portable timeline.

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As with the other timelines, we also have accompanying notebook pages to go with each of the 28 stories.  They are in our traditional That Resource Site style of four line spacing options to meet the needs of every aged learner as well as options to draw your own picture, draw the scene, or use the picture provided.  Each set is twelve pages.

We hope that many find these resources very helpful.  We hope to offer a few more resources to accompany these Bible stories if time allows.

That Resource Team

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