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How Much Do You Know About Sacramentals? Our F3 Folder Lesson Will Help You Find Out

Inside of our F3 Folder on Sacramentals
 Our Flip, Flap & Fold (F3) Folder helps teach about sacramentals at home or in the CCD or religion classroom.

What do a plastic rosary, a stone church, a fifteen foot tall wooden crucifix, and a tiny paper prayer card all have in common?  If you guessed that they are all sacramentals, then you are absolutely correct. 

If you aren't too familiar with sacramentals in general or you are not sure about their purposefulness and importance, then you definitely won't want to miss today's special resource that teaches about the sacramentals used in the Catholic church.

Outside of our F3 Folder on Sacramentals
Today's resource is our first ever full F3 Folder.  If you are intrigued by lapbooking, but put off by what appears to be lots of prep and effort, then our F3 resources are probably right up your alley.  They are smaller, self-contained lessons with paper pieces inspired by my friend, Shell, of Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog, who makes and shares with us lovely little lessons that contain everything you need to effectively deliver them to your kiddos.  This keeps the learning focus on the lesson and concepts and not so much the prepping and making of the project pieces.

And if you have ever wanted to incorporate file folder projects into a classroom or group setting, say your CCD class or religious education co-op lessons, but just weren't sure how, then you'll definitely want to download today's free resource.

To show you just how easy it is to use this five page printable resource, watch our short video that explains how to create and use this fun and very do-able resource in your little homeschool or classroom.

Click HERE to download our first full F3 Folder to teach about Sacramentals.
Click HERE to see how to prepare a Single F3 Folder to use with today's resource.

We hope you find this resource very useful and fun to use.  We hope to share more F3 Folder lessons if we find families really enjoy using them.

Kalei - That Resource Team


Anonymous said...

Hi Kalei
We're back from Scotland and I've awarded you.
I'll email soon
God bless

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the post. I liked the video, you did a great job!! Keep up the good work!! Xhonane

Kalei said...

Hi Xhonane,

So good to hear from you and I'm glad you liked the video. Thought that some might find it helpful to see how to assemble some of our resources. Thank you so much for your encouragment!! :)


Jackie C said...

I feel like I struck Gold! So beautiful an idea!

Kalei said...

So glad it can be usedful! I just love teaching the kids with actual photos. It makes such an impact.

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