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Resources to Help Organize Your Learning Year

We have tried to offer some free printable planning sheets to help you organize your year.  To help even more, we thought we might offer a few more highlights on other resources you may find useful.

If you have joined us on Facebook, then you already know that we have updated our printable calendar selections for your next learning year.  If you haven't yet explored our calendar page, now might be a good time.  We have updated our at-a-glance yearly calendar, our angel themed calendar, and the bright weather themed calendar to help younger children with tracking the weather among others. If you enjoy bright colours, then our thematic calendar may be just what you are looking for with a simple layout and a background that changes monthly.  Lastly we offer a newly designed calendar which celebrates the liturgical year.  This is a great addition to your learners three ringed binder or learning log.  You can find all of these calendars and more on our predated printable calendars page.

Click HERE to visit our printable predated calendars page now. 

A quick word on our weather calendar and additional go along resources: 

If you need or want your kiddos to track the weather this coming year or even for the summer, then you may want to take a peek at our weather calendar, cut out pieces to glue on it and our weather worksheets for junior or senior learners.  Weather you are simply looking out the window, using a thermometer, or using a digital weather gauge to see God's glory in action, our printable resources can come in handy.  The picture at the right shows the calendar on the bottom with stickers glued on.  The page at the top is from our incentive page collection.

Click HERE to visit our weather resource page now.
Click HERE to see our collection of incentive pages now.

If you are looking for other organizing helps such as an assessment log to store grades or marks, vendor sheets to help with ordering and comparison shopping from curriculum catalogs or colourful attendance sheets, then perhaps we can help with those needs as well. 

Click HERE to visit our  Free Planning Sheets for Homeschoolers and Educators resource page now.

We hope these free printable organizing sheets help make your job of preparing for your next learning year easier and quicker.

Want to keep up with even more of our resource additions?  Why not join us on Facebook! 


Kalei - That Resource Team

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