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Meaningful Colouring for Tweens? Yes!

Fun-filled colouring pages created with tweens and beyond in mind.

Tired of the same old cartoon pictures for coloring? Want something spiritually uplifting or challenging for your bit older kiddos? Then have we got goodies for you.

Colouring books have been around since the late 1800s. Once referred to as paint books, these little books were used to help children learn concepts of art and improve their cognition. I have found, however, that we have never finished a colouring book and my children (and perhaps yours as well) like to pick and choose only the pages that they want to colour and eventually end up tossing an unfinished book to the recycle bin. So here's how we combat that dilemma - single colouring sheets that reinforce our learning lessons.  It's double duty art fun.

Whether they are colouring pages that reiterate Aesop's morals, encourage practicing writing and pronouncing the names of favourite dinos, or are so engaging that they help them understand and memorize the Stations of the Cross - our sheets do double duty. But I bet you aren't surprised to hear that are you? We are all about the fun in learning, but also about preserving our precious time as well.

Paper Mate Flair Point-Guard Porous Point Pens, 12 Colored PensVisit our revamped colouring pages to see our collection of art sheets highlighting Mother Mary, the Stations of the Cross, Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Rosary, and more.  Using classic public domain images, our pages offer challenging fun for tweens and older learners who can once again relax and enjoy colouring.  We suggest using good quality coloured pencils or fine tipped felts.  My tweenie loves to use Paper Mate Flair Point-Guard Porous Point Pens, 12 Colored Pens. She used those to colour the picture above.

Please note that since we use public domain images for many of our resources, we are limited in our selection.  Some mysteries of the rosary were not available, but we are always on the lookout. :)

I'll also put out there that we are always looking for more artwork for the kiddos.  So if you have any art skills or a passion for creating colouring sheets we would love to help you share your work with others and give you full credit.  We could even create a Friends page for you to highlight your work or help point others to your blog or website.  Contact us if you are an artist who would like to help out other homeschooling families or educators around the globe.

Click HERE to visit our revamped Colouring pages now.

Plus, keep watching for our set of colouring pages that are specifically designed for religious education and my CCD classes. Join us on Facebook to get it as soon as it is uploaded.

Kalei - That Resource Team


Lori said...

My kids love to color! Thank you.

Kalei said...

You are so welcome. One of mine really enjoys coloring too! She finds that these detailed pictures are not only inspiring, but challenging fun as well. BLessings, Kalei

Kathy said...

St John the Baptist Church in Front Royal Virginia has a wonderful website with free coloring pages for older children. They have all the mysteries of the Rosary as well as Stations of the Cross, The Apostle's Creed and more. You can check out the website at and click on Coloring Pages.

Kalei said...

Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

Blessings, Kalei

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