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19th Century Timeline Notebook Gives a Great Catholic Perspective of the 1800s

Examine the events of history with this 19th Century Timeline Notebook lovingly created by Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle Blog. The nine-page resource serves to share world history as well as Catholic events from the 1800s with a running list of historical events - including the birth or death of specific saints, apparitions from our Blessed Mother, and more.

There are some very neat features in this resource.

-Spaces are available to create your own little notebook area to add additional events of the time period.
-Catholic events are highlighted in blue.
-Beautiful artwork is used in the backgrounds of many of the pages.
-A blank page is included for other events you may want to include immediately before or after the 19th Century.

This could serve as a wonderful addition to any history study or program.

We will definitely be adding this resource to our studies next year.  Thanks so much for your generosity and energy, Shell.


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