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It's Here!! Advent and Christmas People and Their Stories Pt.III - Fun learning for this week and beyond

Get it NOW!  Shell from Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog has finished the last portion of her Little Lesson: Advent and Christmas People and their stories Part III!

Father reminded us in his homily yesterday about doing our duty as Catholics - and it wasn't what I thought he was going to say.  I thought he was going to talk about going to church or confession, but he didn't.  He explained that many do not understand what the word "duty" means, especially in today's world, which gives the word a negative connotation.  He easily explained that means doing what needs to be done, in the right spirit, for the glory of God and that duties should directly correspond to our vocation. 

At this time of year many are overwhelmed in things that they think need to be done - what they sometimes consider "duties."  Keeping God at the forefront of every hour of the day can get lost among shopping, wrapping, standing in line, cooking. and entertaining.  Let us help by suggesting you take a bit of time out this week to teach a Little Lesson on Advent and Christmas to your family (or even just sit down by yourself and go through the lesson on your own.)

This third installment of Advent and Christmas People and Their Stories focuses on St. Nicholas, St. Stephen, the angels, St. Wenceslas, St. John the Baptist, the Baptism of our Lord, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the use of chiaroscuro.  You can expect an engaging text and many opportunities for discussion with the kiddos or quiet independent pondering.  Shell has thoughtfully left spaces throughout the text to keep notes or jot down points of interest.  Carefully chosen artwork images really bring this lesson to life as well.

As always the little extras make this lesson even sweeter including the prayer to our Guardian Angel, English and Latin version of the lyrics of Good King Wenceslas and three sets of quick quiz cards for review and narration opportunities.  Download this part of the lesson or all three of them now.

Little Lesson of Advent and Christmas Part III
Little Lesson of Advent and Christmas Part II
Little Lesson of Advent and Christmas Part I

So while many people are busily bustling around preparing for Christmas, we are taking things slow this week and trying to keep God at the forefront of every hour of the day.  We are having our final choir practices for Christmas Eve Mass, listening to real carols as we relax in front of the Christmas tree playing board games, watching classic Christmas specials on DVD, and participating in our church cleaning and decorating for Christmas. (Oh! It is such a wonderful time of fellowship and activity for the family.  Many families from our parish get together to clean all of the nooks and crannies and put up all of the beautiful decorations for Christmas.  Then we pile into the hall for a wonderful lunch altogether.)
May you have a wonderful week of relaxing preparation for Jesus Birthday - however your family chooses to get ready for it!  :)

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