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Resources to Help Celebrate the Feast of St. Francis de Sales

This Month, Celebrate the Feast Day of One of the Most Beloved Doctors of the Catholic Church. 

Perhaps one of my favorite saints is St. Francis de Sales.  Born in 1567 of French decent, he became Bishop of Geneva and was raised to the status of Doctor of the Catholic Church.  He was given the distinction of Doctor Caritatis (Doctor of Charity) and once you learn more about his life, you will easily see why this man was so well received, loved and admired for his contribution to the advancement of our wonderful and rich Faith.

This saint holds a special place in my heart not because he was a Doctor of the Catholic Church, nor because he is the patron of writers or journalists, developed a sign-language to communicate with, evangelize to and instruct the deaf or even because he made extensive use of flyers and books in his teaching of the Catholic Faith to others. I love him simply because he is, in my opinion, one of the best and most eloquent authors of works on the topic of spiritual direction and spiritual formation.  (St. Alphonsus Liguori is also a beautiful heartfelt writer too.)  Perhaps St. Francis' most famous work, received so very well by many Christians and Catholics, was Philothea also called Introduction to the Devout Life.  Written in 1608 by the talented saint, it is a must read for every Christian. 

Help introduce your kiddos to this wonderful saint with some of our faith resources.

St. Francis de Sales copywork features a quote from the saint in a simple copywork format that even the littlest learners can use.

St. Francis de Sales Printable Saint Trading cards come four to a sheet and give a bit of info of this saint and one of his famous quotes.  It is a nice simple card for new readers and collectors.

St. Francis de Sales Mini-Book is a small eight page booklet that kiddos can easily make.  It is a prompted book which asks writers to list some basic biographical info about this saint.  Younger learners can draw many of the answers.  This is always a fun activity for children whether they are new or veteran writers.


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