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Notebooking Sheets to Focus on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a Few Other Goodies

Colouring sheets for the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Let us continue to focus on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Perhaps you would like to learn even more about this wonderful devotion or would like a special way to encourage your child to connect with our Lord in their writing.  We can't offer funny doo-dads, trinkets and things  - as that wouldn't be offering our Lord the reverence He deserves, but we can offer some special learning helps.

God promises us many things.  As we come from the heart of the Father and are made in His image, we learn that He is always ready to love us, forgive us and welcome us back to His loving care if only we have a sincere desire to truly love Him above all things.  In the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jesus once again makes clear the promises to us that He has every intention and power to fulfill, but what are we asked of in return?

The "Nine First Fridays" was revealed in The Promises of our Lord to St. Margaret Mary.
"I promise you, in the excessive mercy of my Heart that my all-powerful love will grant to all those who receive Holy Communion on the first Friday for nine consecutive months, the grace of final repentance; they shall not die in my disgrace nor without receiving the sacraments; my divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in that last moment." 

The conditions required of this devotion include: 
  1. Receive the Holy Eucharist nine times.
  2. Do so on the first Friday of the month.
  3. Do this for nine consecutive, uninterrupted months.
  4. Do this with the proper disposition.
  5. The Promises of the Sacred Heart (Package of 10)Do this with the intention of making reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to receive the fruit of this great promise.
If you are looking for a great way to explain the promises and the devotion to the Sacred Heart to your children, then you may want to read The Promises of the Sacred Heart by Fr. Lovasikto your children.  Most think of this book as only for the very young, but don't be fooled.  The average Catholic parent is only catechized to a Gr. 5 level and reminders all good for all of us! :)

Saint Margaret Mary: And the Promises of the Sacred Heart of JesusIf you would like a read for your older children or a simple novel for adults, try Saint Margaret Mary: And the Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Mary Fabyan Windeatt.  Many Catholic children (and adults too) enjoy this book series.  Keep in mind that these books are not all equal in reading difficulty, length and topicality either.  If your child has a gentle heart, keep that in mind when choosing which saints to explore.  Details of martyrdom can sometimes be a bit difficult for younger readers.

Here are some additional resources to help with your learning once these or other resources have been read about the Sacred Heart:

Find two notebooking sets ready for any age or level of learner.  One set is a coloured set featuring the artistic work of Batoni.  The other is a new six page set perfect for those who like to write as well as colour.  Images are black and white and are perfect for colouring.

Click HERE to see all of our notebooking sets.

Speaking of colouring sheets, we have also just posted 5 new colouring sheets featuring the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Some include a promise as well as an image and others are straight colouring.  We have tried to include very simple images as well as very intricate images as a challenge for older learners who may be looking for an artistic challenge.

Click HERE to see our collection of colouring pages. Please note that many colouring sheets from the blog have not been moved over and updated yet on our new site.  As we are still updating our website, don't forget to search our blog for more colouring fun too.

Looking for a little Lesson as well?  Why not try on Shell's Little Liturgical Lesson on June as the Month of the Sacred Heart?  Find a short version of the story surrounding this devotion to our Lord, plus a colouring sheet and other art goodies.  I love that her lessons are done with such love of our faith and includes background text to really bring her activities to life. 

You can see all of her lessons and link to her blog HERE.

Need a reminder of the promises of the Sacred Heart?  Print out and create a learning card all about the promises of the Sacred Heart plus a card to write a prayer to our Lord.  These are perfect for home catechises or a Religious Ed. class as well.  Almost all of our resources are created for either our own little homeschool or parish CCD class.  To use these resources, simply print out, cut apart and glue.  Laminate for durability and longevity. 

See all of our Faith Learning cards HERE.

Looking for a chance to study art in this devotion?  Print out and create our Montessori set featuring various images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  There are six cards in the set.  Print out two sets for matching fun.  Laminate for durability. 

See all of our Montessori card sets HERE.

We hope that these goodies can help you in your journey closer to our Lord and bringing your children with you on it.




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Thank you! I love all of these resources.

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You are so welcome. It is such a pleasure and honour to be able to spread our faith in this way. :) Blessings, Kalei

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