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A New Calendar for Mum that Never Gets Old and Helps Reinforce the Faith

Cover Page
New must have calendar helps Mum's keep it all in a row - literally!

Keeping track of things in the year can be a daunting task for even those who are really organized.  As many of us scour the Internet trying to find those tools and printables which will make life easier for us in our teaching or homeschooling journey, we are often dismayed to find things that would be perfect if only it had this or that.  One of my pet peeves was to find things that although they were functional, they were bland or not pleasing to use.  I was also looking for Faith themed things.  Needless to say, there wasn't much out there, so I decided to start making a few things and sharing them.  And now, thousands of resources later, I like to think that we have some really good treasures for Catholic and Christian families alike to enjoy using.

Today I share a free calendar that I have been working on for a while and have finally completed to be able to use it for this coming learning year.  As I am a sacramental prep catechist in my parish, I find that my CCD or Religious Education year has to be just as organized as my homeschooling year as I am very accountable to my DRE, my pastor, the individual families, and the Bishop, if need be.  And although things can get quite hectic for me at times between home and parish learning sessions, I always try to surround myself with elements of the Faith as much as possible to keep me focused.  I also like to be in God's glory, nature, as much as possible.  Having said that, my calendar combines linear thinking, nature and the Dedication of the Months into one resource which can be reprinted and used over and over each year.  Below are the sample pages for the month of July.

In this resource you will find a cover page and then two pages to represent each month of the year.  I also noted the dedication for each month and added a little pictorial reminder as well.  You will also find sweet Victorian graphics to represent different flowers or plants that are popular for that month of the year.   I tried to allow a bit of white space at the top of the right hand pages for you to write a scribble or two, a quote, a reminder, Bible verse to ponder, a doddle, etc.  This resource is designed to be printed back to back starting with page one (cover) and is to be bound on the left hand side in a binder or duo-tang, or simply just staple it together. 

The unique arrangement of the days in rows allows for this to be useful for daily menus, activities, saint or Bible study passages, Mass schedules or a daily focus for those who do a less encumbered style of learning based on historical events of the day or teachable moments.

Click Here to download Mum's new calendar (standard version)
Click Here to download Mum's new calendar (leap year version)
**Don't forget that 2012 is a leap year.

I hope you find this sweet calendar helpful and inviting to use.


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