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Fun Printable Reading Resources for the book Maybe You Should Fly A Jet! by Theo LeSieg - and they AREN'T just for the 2nd grader

Resources to help learners of all ages think about What they want to be when they grow up.

The summer break from formal learning offers children the opportunity for long blocks of imaginative play.  Often times children will act out what they hope will become the occupation of their choice later in life.  It is always a hoot to watch the kiddos pretending to be everything the can think of including the 'Flying Nun', an archaeologist,  an explorer, a baker making mud pies, a mum walking her baby in a stroller or even a professional soccer player. 

MAYBE YOU SHOULD FLY A JET!I Can Read All By Myself Beginner Books.When we think about learning about occupations in a more formal way, we cannot overlook the humorous work of Dr. Seuss (writing as Theo LeSieg) called, MAYBE YOU SHOULD FLY A JET! I Can Read All By Myself Beginner Books.  This easy to read book is a fun imaginative work that exposes children to a plethora of different occupations all the while providing a solid rhythmic pattern of text.  We really enjoyed this read in our little homeschool and shared it among our various grade levels.  I then created a few little fun go along worksheets to help the children explore the work a bit more.  The sheets require the children to think about all the different kinds of jobs from the book as they answer some simple questions are to be shared amongst themselves later on.  This activity can be used with just about any level that wanted to participate for fun.  This could also be a fun writing co-op activity or even a party game.  Really!!

Here are what the sheets look like.  (Click the image to get a close up view.)

There are lots of jobs and occupations mentioned in this book.  Ask your learner to test their memory skills by recalling either the first twenty or the last twenty occupations.  Younger children can use this portion as simple copywork if necessary.  There is a sheet for either the first or last twenty.  Learners simply write out the job and then tell whether they would like to have the job or not by checking the appropriate box.  Fun colourful graphics remind children of different jobs.  You could also do this job additionally by just having children name twenty jobs that they would like to have.

Children of all ages enjoy expressing their opinion about things.  This sheet asks the reader to think about all of the different occupations that they saw in the book.  It then asks them to complete statements the jobs and their perceptions about a few of them.   The simple  statements include which job the think is the best, dullest, hardest, strangest, requires the most training, is the most rewarding and so on.  Our kiddos really enjoyed this activity and it could even serve as a writing co-op activity or as the ice breaker to a new class or party.

Click Here to download the worksheets for Maybe You Should Fly a Jet!

I hope that these sheets help your kiddos explore what they want to be when they grow up a bit more or at least have a few laughs learning about the possibilities that await them.


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