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Pope Benedict XVI Mini-Book

Little Mini-Book Research Activity Helps Kiddos Remember and Learn About Pope Benedict the XVI.

Use our simple mini-book to help children build confidence in their research skills as they learn about the 265th Pope.

Using resources you already have on hand or can easily acquire on the Internet, this eight-page booklet is sure to be a welcomed change for new writers and those learning the art of narration or comprehension. Space is provided to answer writing or drawing prompts as well as create a title illustration.

Writing prompts include:
Who is Pope Benedict XVI?
What is so special about him?
When and where was he born? When did he become pope?
What special things did he do or accomplish while he was pope?
Describe his papal coat of arms below using words or pictures.
Write one unique fact about Pope Benedict XVI.

  • Age: Elem+
  • Focus: Introductory research skills, fine motor skills
  • Theme: Pope Benedict XVI, Pope
  • This resource is one of a larger collection of mini-books that can be easily incorporated into a religious Ed. or CCD class.
  • Mini-book Keepsake pages are available to help keep this book and others like it organized and easily accessible for review.

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