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Celebrate the Seasons of Advent and Christmas with Lots of Our Theme Resources and Goodies

Find Ways to Celebrate the Seasons of Advent and Christmas with Lots of Our
Theme Resources and Goodies.

Nativity Christmas Tag Set

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Keep Christ in Christmas with

Nativity Christmas Gift Tag

Printable Litany of the Infant Jesus Prayer Sheet for Children

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Celebrate and Honor the Infant Jesus by

Praying the Litany of the Infant Jesus

Know-N-Go Nativity Story Game

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How well do you know the nativity story? Use this fun game to help learners
commit the details of the nativity story to their hearts and memories.

Basic questions about the story of the birth of our Lord are presented in a get
up and move type classroom or home education game.

Advent…The Coming F3 Activity

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Fun activity helps children learn about and invite the season of Advent into
their hearts and minds.

8 Words to Describe the Word Baby Worksheet

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Help children practicing using language skills by having them find adjectives to
describe the word baby. The picture selected shows the Infant Jesus in a manger.

Focus on Jesus' Family Worksheet

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Focus on common nouns while you teach about the Holy Family.

Christmas Phonics Tree Worksheets

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How about some phonics help? Our Christmas vowel tree worksheet set is perfect
for learners of many different ages and is simple to use. Simply select a vowel
sheet and fill in the missing blanks to create words.

Learn About the Chasuble and Liturigal Seasons Including Advent and

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This five-page set of worksheets explains about the symbolism of the liturgical
colors of green, purple, red, white, and rose (pink) and when they are used in
the church year.

Christmas Theme Adjective Worksheets

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A decorated Christmas tree helps kiddos count down until Christmas while
encouraging grammar practice and adjective use. Children simply draw or write a
noun for a person, place or thing in the boxes provided and write a few
adjectives for each.

December Christmas Preparation Themed Tactile Calendar

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This tactile calendar focuses on the month of December and preparation for
Christmas while adding life to your learning environment and providing pieces to
create a great family calendar that can be used over and over again.

Make the Perfect Little Christmas Gift to Add in Your Christmas Cards.

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It is that time of the year when we send greetings to those we value, cherish,
admire and well, just simply love. Many times we want to send a gift to everyone
on our list, but let's face it; it's just not possible. So today we have a
special little gift that you can add into every Christmas card you send this
year and yes, it fits!

Forgot to buy the Christmas gift tags? Let us help!

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We haven't bought a Christmas gift tag for the last few years. We just decided
it would be more fun to make our own.

Yummy Cookie Recipes Perfect for Christmas Snacking and Gift Giving

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Christmas Tree Math Counters Help Make Counting Practice Fun.

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Celebrate Christmas in Your Math Practice

Plan for Christmas Easily and Quickly - Christmas Planning Sheets

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From the creative mind of Shell of

Thinking Love, No Twaddle
easily be used to keep track of the tasks and activities for December or the
season of Advent.

Little Lesson of Advent Stories

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Advent and Christmas, People and their stories are great little lessons written
by Shell of

Thinking Love, No Twaddle

Little Lesson of Advent and Christmas Part I

Little Lesson of Advent and Christmas Part II

Little Lesson of Advent and Christmas Part III

Christmas wreath helps children be creative while reinforcing that God
and His love for us eternal.

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Advent and Christmas are very special times of the year for Christians. Advent
is our time of preparation for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Christmastide is a celebration of His arrival. Today we have a simple decorative
project that you can use to celebrate either aspect of this season - Advent or
Christmas. It's fun, easy and festive.

Sets of Christmas Themed Writing Paper

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Writing letters for Christmas helps children build writing and penmanship as
well as tells others they are important and valued.

Hot Chocolate always brings smiles and this gift will too!!

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Homemade gifts can be so neat to make, unfortunately they are not always as fun
to receive. We sometimes even have to quietly ask ourselves, "What is it?" But,
we are sure that you won't have that trouble with this cute yummy homemade gift.

Christmas Playclay Brings Fun and Relaxation for Kids (and Parents)

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If you are looking for a little something to help keep your kiddos occupied
while you do a few extra holiday tasks or during a family party, then our
homemade play clay maybe just the thing you need.

Easy Printable Booklet Helps Prepare Us for the Sacrament of

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This little resource booklet is the perfect printable to help prepare young
Catholics to meet our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Give the Gift of Prayer. Printable Decade - A - Day Spiritual Bouquet is
the Perfect gift for all!!

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Beautiful but easy craft combines prayer and tea and makes prayer a meaningful
gift to others!!

Advent and Christmas Coloring Sheets

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Help children learn about the story of our Lord's birth with these coloring

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Celebrate the season with Happy Holiday coloring sheets featuring symbols of
Christmas and winter.

Let the kids help create a festive Christmas meal setting

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Advent is a time of preparation. So why not give your table a few thoughts and
moments of preparation as well. Dress your table for a kids' Christmas party, a
Sunday Advent meal with the in-laws, a fun party at church or in the classroom.
You could even use these cute printables for your big Christmas meal too!

Christmas Theme Assignment Sheet Helps Celebrate the Season

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Children can use their daily work to help cheerfully pass the time until
Christmas with this check-off style assignment sheet..

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Prayer is a wonderful way to bring the true spirit of the season to the hearts
and mind of all who visit your home this season.

Month of December and Christmas Theme Incentive Chart

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Help your kiddos track progress in any area or activity with this incentive
chart featuring the month of December and Christmas.

Color the Seasons of the Liturgical Church Year Worksheet

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Help young children begin to understand the calendar of the church year with
this simple worksheet that asks children to note five different liturgical
seasons using a simple liturgical wheel..

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Use this rowed resource to keep things organized all month long. Perfect for
noting tasks, planning meals or seeing events, this resource features a cute
Christmas theme.

Nativity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ Notebooking Set

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Set of twelve sheets allows students at any level to learn about the nativity of
our Lord, Jesus.

Math 100 Square Counting Worksheets

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Christmas Tree Themee

Christmas Cookies Theme

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