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Let's Get Ready for a Great Year of CCD - Putting Together Student Binders

What I Give My Students of the First Night of Religious Education Class

As we have quite a few Catechists in our online family, I thought that I would share how I get ready for each student in my CCD class. As I updated a few things for my own needs, I thought I would share them with you.

The first night of CCD begins with the blessing of books and materials, and then we proceed to our classrooms for introductions, expectations and rules for behavior throughout the year.  I give out texts and the always anticipated student binders.

Each year, every student receives a white 1.5” 3-ring binder with inside pockets and a vinyl cover pocket as well. I like the vinyl front pocket because the children can customize a cover for themselves. This year I created a number of printable folder covers featuring four virtues (faith, hope, love and joy) and various images of Christ, the Blessed Mary and others. I posted two of them on the site, although I have more in the new faith pack DVD.

In each 3-ring binder I provide the following essentials.

Yearly Goal Sheet
To help foster independence and help children keep track of their yearly goals and personal achievements, I created a check-off sheet called Keeping Track of What I Know to help students keep track of the end of the year goals they must complete to be eligible to receive their sacraments.

Prayer Sheets
I place the prayer sheets called Prayers I Should Know and More Prayers I Should Know in vinyl heavy weight sheet protectors so that they open as a full spread and withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. (There are two versions of the Prayers I Should Know sheet. The difference is in the version of the Act of Contrition.)

As we learn and dissect prayers for their meaning, I sometimes give larger single sheet versions of individual prayers including the Our Father in color or Our Father printer friendly black and white. For your convenience, if you have our Faith DVD, you will find all of the collection of printable prayer pages including Latin and English and most with Black and white and color versions.

Ten Commandments and Examination of Conscience for Children
Additionally placed in the vinyl covers is my special gentle examination of conscience, which also doubles as a Ten Commandments reminder sheet. We use this resource all year long. An updated and re-edited version is available on on Faith Pack DVD.

Homework Helper
To conquer and keep up with homework children are encouraged to use the "To Do" sheet which allows them to easily write down and check-off weekly reading and assignments.

Newsletter and Handout Acknowledgement Sheet
Make sure that important information like newsletters, forms and handouts are seen by parents with this simple acknowledgment sheet. Parents should sign and date the sheet throughout the year as important things are sent home.

Mass Journal Sheets
As part of my yearly goals, I require a monthly mass journal to be kept. I choose a suitable style based on the general abilities of the class and I include eight blank journal pages in their folder. There are a half-sheet style Mass Journal Sheet which encourages more writing and a full-sheet style Mass Journal sheet which encourages more drawing and some writing. In years gone by I have printed mass journal sheets off on different color paper so that they stand out easily from the rest of the folder. I separate these sheets from the rest of the papers with a blank prepared F3 folder that gets used a bit later in the year.

(I sometimes add a few goodies, too. This year I think I may use my newly updated learning cards for prayers and basic catechism reinforcement. I laminate them and put them on an open clasp ring, and then it slides right into the binder.)

I hope this helps out somehow.

I want to thank Grace from the Catholic Toolbox for inspiring me to get ready and going toward the new CCD year. If you are looking for more ideas, stop by her blog.



Amazing_Grace said...

I added your link to my blog post. I know this will help others put together student folders/binders! :)

Kalei said...

Thanks, Grace. I hope it helps others, too. The beginning of the school year will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

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