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Do You Know Your Rites?

The question of knowledge of Rites of the Catholic Church is a very interesting one posed by Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog.  I must confess that I have much to learn in this department, and my guess is that many other Catholics do to. 

To help us become more familiar with the Rites and help us commit them to memory, Shell has created these little flashcards on the Rites of the Catholic Faith.  These can be used in any number of ways.

•Print them out and use them as standard flash cards.
•Print out two sets and use them to play matching games.
•Use two sets to play Go Fish style games.
•Call out one part and require the other player(s) to provide the corresponding info.
•Print out pieces, cut apart and place in a fish bowl or container.  Pull one card weekly, and look up the info as part of your religion or Faith lessons.  This could develope into a great family sharing time.

Thanks for this cute little printable, Shell.  You can see all of Shell's other contributions and creations from the Contirbutor section on our website. 


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