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Fun and Bright Latin Worksheets to Practice Counting and Simple Translation

Learning a foreign language can be a very difficult challenge.  Research has shown that the younger the student is, the faster and easier it is for them to develop a firm and working knowledge of a foreign or second language.

In our little homeschool we are studying Latin.  To help my kiddos learn to master concepts such as counting, I created two new sets of Latin worksheets.  As I am beginning to get in a little better rhythm lately, I have started going back to creating some new and different resources - including these two sets of Latin worksheets. 

Since Latin is the language of our Faith, we have decided to study it religiously (no pun intended) and try to bring it to life for our children even though it is a dead language.

Here are two different style worksheet sets for you to use to solidify the concept of counting from one to ten in Latin.

Count to Ten in Latin Worksheets

This first set asks children to count the pictures and write the number out in Latin.  The graphics are fun and inviting and the story line makes children want to engage in the translation.  A challenge counting question is asked although children are not expected to answer it in Latin.  This set provides three different worksheets and answer sheets as well.

Count and Translate in Latin Worksheets

One of my kiddos loves to draw and do art but does not like to practice her Latin very much.  So, that being said, I created a four page set of worksheets that encourages children to count, translate and write out simple words as well as DRAW out the answers.  This has been a real hit with my daughter.  Latin practice seemed to take on a life of its own with these resources.  Answer sheets are provided.

I hope you find these Latin worksheets useful.  Feel free to leave me a comment on the download page or on this post itself.  I'd love to hear what you think.  I know that trying to find fun and bright Latin resources can be quite difficult and I hope to start developing more resources in Latin.


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